Used Tables

Our Reviews and Testimonies.

“We bought a used pool table through Monstercue. They arranged the viewing as per our convenience, gave us a good deal and delivered the table quickly. The delivery and assembly was professionally done and the whole experience was pleasant. Highly recommended as they eliminate headache of dealing with a seller, mover and assembly company and give a 3 month installation warranty. “

Table size from 7ft to 9ft

British pool 6ft

Coin table size from 7ft - 9ft

Dynamo . Valley . Sam Bison .

Standard size 12 ft

Under size 8ft - 10ft

Why buy a used pool table?

It makes economic sense to buy a used pool table. It cost about 50 to 60% cheaper as compared to buying a new table. Good quality solid wood slate-based pool table does not degrade over time. With proper service and maintenance, pool table are built to last for many decades. Buying a used pool table is also environmentally friendly with less trees and slates sourced from the our environment.

NOTE: Fold-able pool tables and non-slate pool tables are considered toy-grade. They are non serviceable or repairable. These tables do not fall in the above description of good quality pool table. WE DO NOT DEAL WITH SUCH TABLES.

Why buy a used pool table from us?

MONSTERCUE is a Singapore registered business since 1999 and is the most trusted source to buy a used pool table in Singapore. We provide professional consultation and services on buying and owning a pool table.

Used pool table sold by us are in good playing conditions. All the tables are slate-based. Most of the tables are home-owned free play tables which are generally well maintained except minor wear and tear.

We give buyer the assurance that used pool table purchased from us are in good playing condition. We check the condition of the pool table with the seller up to the point when we pick up the pool table at the seller's premise. If during the dismantling process, we detected any hidden issues, we will refund the deposit without any further cost to the buyer. The pool table will be professionally moved with proper dismantling, transport, setup and leveling. All our refurbished tables come with 03-months installation warranty.

Viewing of Tables

Pool tables sold to us from sellers are shrink-wrapped and re-conditioned (if required ) before storage. Thus physical viewing and testing is not possible. Some pool tables which sellers had contacted us to help them sell or consigned to us are available for viewing at the sellers' premise.