Pool Table Moving Service


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We provide professional table moving services to

  • Dismantle a pool table or billiard table.

  • Pack, relocate or transport the pool table

  • Setup a pool table (including leveling and recover existing cloth or install new cloth).

A slate-bed pool table or billiard table is a piece of professional sports equipment. To ensure that billiard balls roll with accurate precision during play, it must be properly set up and leveled by trained professionals. At SG Billiard Table Specialist , our team of specialists handle all models of billiard table relocation tasks. We checked the model and make of the pool table, type of slate construction, potential obstruction challenges and the optimum pool table position. Our expertise and experience since the year 1999 solve the tricky and challenging task of relocating the pool table while you have a peace of mind.

Damages due to lifting the pool table without dismantling.

Moving a coin operated Dynamo pool table with 1-piece slate construction

Dismantle for moving a coin operated Valley Dynamo pool table with 1-piece slate construction

Dismantling the Pool Table

The pool table must be dismantled prior to any shifting. One of the most common damages to the pool table is lifting the pool table without dismantling. This is because side panels of the pool table are not designed to support 300 to 400 kg of average table weight. This is usually overlooked by general movers. Moving the heavy pool table without dismantling can also result in bodily injuries or damages to other properties during the moving process.

Improper handling of the pool table will also make settling up and leveling of the pool table challenging if not an impossible task. This is because damaged table parts are expensive to replace or beyond economical repair.

Pool table dismantled and wrapped ready for transport.

Transporting the Pool Table

It takes 3 to 4 manpower to carry the heavy slates. and parts. This becomes more challenging when the slates have to be manually carried up or down over flights of stairs. We take special effort to ensure adequate physical protection on fragile parts of the pool table. This will include proper shrink wrapping of delicate parts to prevent scratches prior to loading up to our box truck.

Setting Up the Pool Table

The 3-piece slates must be properly position, aligned, secured and leveled the seam gaps between the slates carefully filled with special compound material to ensure smooth consistence playing surface.

Our professional service offers you the option (at no additional cost) to recover back existing good condition billiard felt cloth on the pool table saving you hundreds of dollars from a new felt. This can be done only by patiently removing hundreds of staplers that were driven into the wooden panel to tightly secure the cloth. Installing the existing cloth back to the table is a challenging task that most inexperienced pool table installer will dread doing.

For new felt cloth installation, the existing cloths on the 6 cushions must be duly removed and new cloth skillfully installed.

In short, on-site assembling of a dismantled used pool table takes 2 - 3 hours of dedicated works. New pool table takes 3 to 5 hours to assemble depending the model.

Services in Johor Bahru JB Malaysia.

For Singaporean owning a property with pool table in Malaysia, contact us for more details.