Billiard & Pool Table

Repair & Servicing | New Parts | Maintenance

We supply pool table parts and onsite works to repair the pool table . If you have a problem with your pool table or snooker table, please forward us the brand and model of the table. Alternatively, you can whatsApp or email photos of your pool table for us to evaluate and quote you.

Common pool table issues that requires new parts and repair.

New Pool Table Pocket Replacement

Pool table pockets wear over period of time. We supply new pool table pockets and service to install and replace your damaged pockets. Let us know the model of your pool table or send us images for your pockets.

Rubber Cushion Replacement

Good quality rubber cushion generally last up to 15 years. However, there are some rubber cushions that need replacement earlier than expected. If the ball is not bouncing consistently or experience inaccurate rebound, it is time to invest in a set of new rubber cushion for your pool table.

Pool Table Coin Mechanism Repair

We provide services to

  • Rectify coin jam issues

  • Configure new coin configuration

  • Repair and supply parts

  • Replace whole new unit

For coin operated pool table such as Valley Dynamo, Sam Bison, Wiraka, Cosmo and others.

We also supply new ESD vertical coin mechanism and replacement parts.